11th July - A change of palette
This isn't the usual type of photography that I've recently been attracted to. I seem to be in a mode of looking for images that are either the deep rich greens and browns of woodland, or the brighter and hopefully pastel colours of seaside minimalist images. - At least that's what I'm attracted too. However last couple of days of warmth - something here we're not used to in the UK has suddenly made the after sunset images by the beach become much more interesting. And they bring their own palette of much deeper oranges and blues. It's good to have a change, if nothing else it brings a different perspective.

I once heard landscape photography described as something for the first few hours of the day, and the last few, and everything else is for lunch. Perhaps the advice, in light of the heat, to change our routines to stay inside in the middle of the day, was inspired by landscape photography! 
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