14 Feb - Tiny Landscapes
One of the attractions for me of landscape photography is the 'being out there' bit of the process. In fact that can be as good as making any images at least in my thoughts (comparisons with the fisherman's catch being much better than it was come to mind). However I do like the tiny landscapes of macro photography. - Well mostly - I like the way we can use the structure of landscape images in macro images, and the fact that tiny movements of the camera can change the composition of the image in amazing ways. I also like the way you can be really abstract. I'm not so keen on the wet knees and being bent double or trying to balance & hold the camera as well.

I also have a soft spot for snowdrops. There are many ways to catch them from the very abstract to more natural. Personally I like them with a hint of warm light to give a variety in the shades of white. I tried once to get snowdrops in the snow, but with a grey drab sky - as it often is with UK snow - makes them disappear into a background of light grey! Snowdrops are a subject I can return to as long as they are around and there is nice light.
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