15th August - Dominant Foreground - North Norfolk
No this isn’t my sad face but I am continuing my exploration of the effects on my photography that the use of a simple iPhone camera makes. I think of my first camera back when I was 10 ish - a Kodak 126 instamatic fixed lens point and shoot. While the lens may have been simple and fixed in good light it could take decent pictures by the standards of the day I assume because it was loaded with Kodak film. While I think that iPhones are much better, I’m not sure about the lens - it’s smaller - but the processing chip makes up for that. Both cameras and I hope this isn’t too harsh - are made for the family market - ‘here’s me on my holiday seeing …..’ So they work well for that and you can easily argue smartphone makers have pushed those boundaries further with significant improvements particularly with the higher spec models. What continues to be clear is that images with these cameras need to have close and dominant subjects. The landscape vistas for instance I don’t think work because of the lower resolution lens. Therefore that scene from the top of a hill works better with a person looking out in the frame; or the sunset works better with a boat in the foreground just to have a dominant subject.
I’m going to continue this thinking about how much of the frame is taken up by a foreground subject and add it to my mental workflow.
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