16th May - Stitchwort and Bluebells
This week I rather ended up much closer to the bluebells than I had intended. I slipped on a fallen branch and ended up nose down on the floor of wood which wasn't as soft as it usually is. Fortunately I didn't break any kit, body or even squish some bluebells (I've read how long they take to recover) the folded tripod that broke my fall has left its mark on me though. 

However as I got my wind back it reminded of the fragility of everything in particular the ecosystems of these woods that may of us love so much.  Those wonderful 'carpet of blue' shots make you think that the woods have just a few species but take your eye down and you'll see a full orchestra playing spring's song. The bluebells may carry the theme for a while but it'll soon be picked up, developed and diversified and that for me makes it truly wonderful. 
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