18th July Woodbridge
If you read photography magazines, after the 'how to articles' and reader galleries there are the various kit reviews and debates on the various types of kit you can buy, lead, understandably by cameras and lenses. (Although in my view the lenses are the most important but I'm not really a kit person.) 

After that come various things not least clothing and bags. It seems a bit incongruous to be thinking of warm winter jackets and waterproof bags in the middle of a heatwave but the faith (or perhaps that should be desperation) of manufacturers is to be commended. I never understood how they can work so far ahead especially in this world of instant delivery. However as I sit quietly steaming in the heatwave (and the dog thinks I'm a traitor for skipping the lunchtime walk) the idea of a bit of mist or drizzle or even better a frost seems very attractive. Roll on the need for winter clothing!
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