20th June Reflected Interest
I remember once someone explaining to me about what people find interesting in a picture is very personal. That picture of your child being so cute is special to you as it's your child, but to someone else it's there just another child with ice cream all over their face. 

On the other had if an image is so unrelated to our own situation it is just passed over as unreal. We need to relate to something in an image to stop scrolling (and thank you for doing that & reading this!!) So is photography about finding the fine line of interest between 'interesting' and 'dull'. And when you include personal preferences means the most interesting images will be those that have something common enough that appeals to a good subsection of viewers. 

I think it was said that the human face is one of the most engaging things our brains can look at as we try to deduce what sort of person we are meeting. But if that's correct why does landscape photography exist as a popular genre and why are minimalist images as popular as the are?

The brain is a fascinating creation. They way that different compositions appeal or not, how colours evoke different responses emotions is fascinating. There is no AI algorithm that can compose or grade photos as far as I know. I think because they need to feel real and if that doesn't come across then an element of interestingness is lost. Please don't tell me Google has that algorithm!
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