21st February - Different Angles
This tree has had me thinking. It started out as one of those glimpses through the woods so I went to have a look thinking it might have potential. I was hoping in for one of those lovely isolated glowing trees, contrasted against a winter background. I was also very surprised to see it had so many leaves this late in winter. 

With sunlight coming through the other trees this trees' leaves lit up but some how it didn’t quite glow against the background. In one direction there are silver birches which had a much more blue feel, but the brown leaves didn’t glow that way (see bottom image). Moving round the tree did allow the leaves radiate colour (see top image) in my direction but the background wasn't as strong. Back to dilemmas again I think. 

However while this was a very interesting exercise in light and image making, I didn’t get more of a contrast than the image above but I did walk out from the wood having had a useful exercise; if maybe not as strong an image as I had in my mind's eye.
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