21st March - Felixstowe
I was reading Outdoor Photography magazine the other day and in particular a piece by Mark Littlejohn (Instagram mark_littlejohn) who was writing about the importance of being curious. The example sticking in my mind was that of lovely golden Larch tree in amongst the dark green of pines in a wood. In this case the perspective of the tree changed as he walked around it giving very different height appearances. However digital photographers sometimes get criticised for taking too many images and not making them count in the same way a film photographer might have to. 

So when do know that a slightly different tweak on a scene is worth another press of the shutter? I find that hard especially when doing long exposures whereby the movement in the scene eg in water can make the difference between a blurred mess and something with a bit of order. Perhaps I should be better at looking at the camera screen to understand the difference between what the camera has recorded and what my mind thinks it has. 

Anyway on a dull day on Felixstowe beach this is me being curious as to what I can do with the moving water. 
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