24th Jan - Sutton Heath
It looks like the last couple of weeks of wonderful light and good tides might have passed for a while as the dreary symbols have re-appeared all over the weather forecast. Still it might be good time to catch up on some processing!! I always think when I find 10 versions of the same thing why did I press the shutter button again?

I have been really enjoying David Wards 'Landscape within' book in the last few days I find it very thought provoking and so well written. Especially the bits about making it personal. The other bit that sticks in my mind (from the book) is looking at the landscape that's at our feet. It's taken me on to really think how that works with the mid & backgrounds if you are in an environment like this - essentially a visually busy and cluttered scene.  The book is well worth a read if you can get a copy, mine was second hand, but I'll be coming back to it very soon.

Anyway - this was last Tues, a wonderful morning up on the Heath.
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