I read a lovely illustrated book last week - (actually my wife brought it home - I can't claim credit) It's Trying by Kobi Yamada illustrated by Elise Hurst. It's charming and so well illustrated. I'm not sure why I so related to it, perhaps it was the illustrations, perhaps it was how I feel about my photography. 
It's about a boy who's learning to be a sculptor and seeking advice from a much older sculptor. You can read into who they represent as you like but half way through the book there is this quote, spoken by the more experienced sculptor:
"You're making progress," he explained. "I see talents emerging. I see risks being taken. I see courage. I see caring. I see perseverance. Yes, I see much progress, indeed. And I hope you will keep trying."
What struck me is there is hardly a mention of the technical skills but it's elements of character that shine through - courage, caring, perseverance - how can you bring that out in photography and in particular individuals style of photography? It is in the subtlety that these things lie which means, for me, it takes time. It is the essence of slow photography and the opposite of a consumerist type of photography.
I will keep trying.
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