31st Jan - Woodbridge
Another from one of those lovely soft mornings we've had recently. This was a lovely sunrise that wasn't forecast (you know that because the runners on the path were taking out their phones for a snap).

I'm still in a minimalist frame of mind so for this one you'll see it's overexposed in camera and then brought back a bit in LR. I saw a video on Youtube that talked about that reducing noise in the image particularly the shadows. So I'm giving it a go.

I really like the peace of it, what you can't hear is the church communion bell ringing from Woodbridge announcing the start of the 8am service. Well God was certainly proclaiming peace on the river that morning.

Is it brave to put the boat in the centre? I'm not sure - but I liked the way the three boats made a triangle and how that works in the image but it also struck me that it ties in with a Trinitarian concept of God, except they are just boats and each is essentially the same, discrete, and unrelated so perhaps that won't work. (so much for profound thoughts at 8am) Landscape Photography and theology are never and easy mix I find.

Oh and I also like the texture of the ripples in the foreground. Subtle isn't my normal preference but I do like it!
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