4th July - The colour of Sea
Is there a colour of the sea called disappointing? I'm not 100% on how the sea get's its colour - I know it reflects from the sky so blue sky, blue sea. But this is the north sea and there's lots of silt churning around in there often giving it a grey colour even when the sun is out. It's on these days that you really realise the importance of the 'art' bit in photography and that every day is different - how much silt, blue sky, churned up water. However I quite like this tone, it takes away any the idea that this is the Mediterranean! If you turn down the exposure a bit it looks really grey/brown.

I'm also struck how much in minimalist photography it's about taking things away. Textures in particular and it leaves our brains with a stripped down structure to appreciate and perhaps challenge. Moving away from an expectation to a different perception.  These type of shots also a great example of slow mindful photography - the long exposures and in camera noise reduction really makes you look at a scene before you can try another. The variability of how an exposure can turn out. I often use my phone as well just to look at how a composition might change with small variations.  

I'm still not sure about that sea colour....
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