5th March - Sunrise at Southwold
Last week I got a chance to be on Southwold beach for a couple of mornings when the light was good. For those that live in Suffolk Southwold pier at sunrise probably falls into the category of honey pot locations. (On the second of those days there were plenty of other photographers to chat to! and my dog had new friends as well).

When the sunrises across the North sea there is a wonderful opportunity to make an image that contains movement and colour. In this case the water moving around the back of the rocks gave some extra movement particularly as the sea drained back down the beach. I'm pleased with what I see as three elements - the streaks in the foreground, the water around the rocks and the light on the wet rocks. I'm not sure about what I see as softness over the wave on the left. I'm not sure is that's just movement in the water, or the sun coming through the filter. The other versions with the sun coming in I think do suffer from that but perhaps the first one escapes. Or am I trying to be a perfectionist?
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