6th June - Shingle Street Sunset
Time for a bit of a change after a few weeks in the woods - which I've really enjoyed. This was a sunset trip down to Shingle Street in Suffolk. Unfortunately the sky wasn't going to play ball with any clouds so I turned the camera around to get this. (The ship has been left in deliberately). I was working on the theory that a change was as good as a rest and it was bank holiday weekend! 

I also attended an RPS workshop on Photography and Happiness led by John Humphrey which was really interested - I'm getting really interested in this idea, that I think comes from mindfulness, that by immersing yourself in an activity a reduced anxiety follows because, I guess, you're blocking out the messiness of the world. In photography terms making a good composition brings an order that brings pleasure so I can see that working. The workshop was well worth it and I came away with plenty of ideas to follow-up. Just need to time to do it!! Perhaps the workshop's influence also explains my need to try some more minimalism!
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