7th March - Speaking Truth
I was going to write about something else today but getting up to read the continued terrible news from Ukraine makes the delights of landscape photography seem very incongruous and trivial. War in Europe, invasion, shelling a whole country out of existence, and preventing people from escaping is nothing I thought we'd see even a few weeks ago but the news images have brought it all home.

However I was taken by a report in today's Times (6th March) about a group of photographers who used to work in advertising but now are documenting the outrageous shelling of Kharkiv. As The Times reports they are led by Meriam Yol  with the aim of getting out to the world documentation of what is happening in a local a detailed way. Surely if you can't stop a war or provide aid to those caught in one, one of the next best things to do is get the truth out. 

Meriam is quoted as saying "I still sometimes can’t believe that what’s been happening and what I’m seeing is real. The content in the advertising projects I dealt with was always elegant and pleasing to look at and now the content is horror and death and destruction; rockets which are hitting homes, killing people, nightmarish stuff."

Many people have suffered for speaking Truth to Power but this seems to be such an important initiative in this present, awful, situation. I have to applaud them.

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