8th Aug - Reflections at Burnham
So this is my second in a month long exploration in the use of a simple iphone in landscape photography. I have to point out I'm not trying to explore the features of the iphone camera, rather  look at more how the reduced feature set affects the type of images created. This place - Burnham Overy Saithe in Norfolk has a salt marsh creek that you can wade around at low tide - although the crabs might have a nibble if you just have sandals on! The mixture of boats drying out, the reflections and the ability to move around gives some wonderful opportunities for different compositions that I think suit the a phone camera. The subjects are also relatively large which suites the smaller resolution camera. 

This is my best example with really good reflections just before the tide turned. I really like the balance of the the sun and the larger boat which echo across the image and back to the smaller boat - image tennis perhaps?

You do get cold feet doing this and you have to watch for the incoming tide - which rushes in when it comes please be warned if you try it at home! 
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