Bawdsey Quay just across the The Deben from Felixstowe Ferry and is connected via foot ferry. The dominant features are mouth of the Deben bounded by shingle banks on either side. There are views from the Car park (at the end of the road nr the Café) and on the seaward side of the beach.
The beach is deep shingle which can be hard work to walk on. In May June the Sea Kale will flower adding another dimension to images. The beach to the seaward side of the manor house has a number of broken groynes and concrete foundations and care should be taken there.
Address: Bawdsey Quay, Ferry Road.
W3W: ///contour.redeeming.shears (Quay Carpark)
Public Transport: Not frequent although there is a foot ferry from Felixstowe Ferry.
Parking: Free, there are two car parks; on the quay itself (4hr limit) or a short walk away as shown on the map
Disabled Access: There is some access around the quay but the shingle beach may be difficult to cross.
Facilities: There are public toilets in the car park.
Weather Bawdsey Tide Times: Woodbridge Haven (BBC)
Photographic Opportunities 
From either Car Park walk to the Quay:
Looking upstream their are a collection of boats moored around horse sands which can catch mooring and afternoon light.
The mouth of The Deben, between the shingle backs can give some interesting views out to sea.
Groynes on both the mouth of the river and on the seaward beach (nr the manor house) can provide interesting compositions, although perhaps not so much at high tide (mid tide is best)
The sun rises directly across the sea (depending on the time of year) and provides great light on to the seaward beach and mouth of the river. On dull overcast days there are opportunities for long exposure/minimalist photography and of course there is always the chance of a North Sea haar rolling in!

A quiet morning at Bawdsey Quay

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