Christian Connections
Connection to a place, making space through time and making associations are wonderful ways to gain from photography. The mindfulness aspect clears our minds and also it to dwell in these moments. Many more secular uses of photography as a therapeutic tool will stop there or develop those themes.
I believe for a Christian, or someone seeking God, there are further connections that can be made. Theologians will talk of developing an understanding of God through Scripture, Tradition, Reason, and Experience. We can associate our images with ideas in many of those areas. For instance the psalms are rich in expressions that link God to creation. Some Christian traditions like Celtic Christianity have strong links to the environment. Lastly we often will talk of how certain environmental events will feel. An amazing still sunset with warm air and beautiful light and reflections is as much a event that has to be felt. Those moments often cause us to pause and reach for our phones to share. Many will say they see God through such moments, even if our images are only but a limited impression.
The advantage of making such linkages is that our thought process and ideas can be expanded. Take for instance, as a simple example, Psalm 8: V1:

Lord, our Lord,  how majestic is your name in all the earth!
You have set your glory in the heavens.
You can just imagine saying that while watching and photographing an amazing sunset. But the psalmist goes on to reflect about mankind’s place in the wider creation and the order created in it. Thus you now start to associate that wonderful sunset with God’s creation, mankind’s position in it. You might also go on to consider our impact on creation. The psalm also gives us a form of words to use to give thanks to God for that sunset and all of creation with it. It might be that the image you created becomes a ‘visual psalm’ and links you to God whenever you see it.
An exercise to try: Think of what types of scenes always make you pause for a moment. Perhaps it’s the sunset, perhaps early morning mists. Next time you see that & photograph it ask yourself if it makes you think of any scripture you know, or things you’ve done in church, and how that connects you to God.

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