Photography is an ideal tool to promote wellbeing, mental health and spirituality. Over the last couple of years, I have really enjoyed exploring this whole topic for my own well-being and spiritual growth. These pages represent some of my learnings.

Initial Connections
For a while now I’ve become more and more interested is photography as a spiritual tool. This is an introduction to my exploration of this area of spirituality.
Stepping out
One of the key elements of image making are the associations that go with images.
Christian Connections
Connection to a place, making space through time and making associations are wonderful ways to gain from photography.
Seeing Connections
In my experience the process of seeing connections isn’t one that you can have a set of instructions to follow, nor is it something that can be trained like a skill.
Seeing it Differently
The joy of slower paced photography, is that we can try alternative approaches to see different perspectives
The Contemplative Walk
One of the important concepts in Christine Valters Painter’s 'Eyes of the Heart' is that of the Contemplative walk. I find this both an easy and difficult subject because in some ways you are both clearing your mind and filling it.
Visio Divina
Visio Divina is an ancient form of contemplative prayer linked to seeing God in the world around.
The Timelessness of a Thin Place
Celtic Christianity is rich in it’s connections to the world and seeing God in that.
These books have been helpful to me and I would recommend them for further reading. Not all are 'photography books'!
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