For a while now I’ve become more and more interested in photography as a spiritual tool. As a practicing Christian and a priest in the Church of England you might think that’s a logical combination however the more, I delve into it, the wider and deeper the whole subject becomes. I should also add that while I say ‘photography’ I have in my mind landscape photography as a particular genre. Other genres will probably also fit but it’s from the perspective of landscape photography that I’m approaching these reflections. The other thing that's worth pointing out is that the whole notion of 'spiritual' is very wide, it's not just confined to what you might expect a priest to be interested in!
I’m calling this whole topic ‘Making Connections’ because, for me, it’s about connecting aspects of photography and spirituality together and how each can contribute to the other. One aspect of this, that many others have identified, is the whole subject of photography and mindfulness where absorption into the photographic process allows separation from day-to-day life. Another is of course the traditional perspective of landscape artists reflecting and enjoying the beauty they see in the world around. In the first approach process is everything, in the second process is secondary to the beauty depicted. Between these two approaches lie a range of pathways that take from each.

Sutton Heath

The spiritual aspect of this subject also has a number of pathways. At its simplest there is, as I have mentioned, just the photographic process that can induce an absorption that some call a state of flow. This itself takes the photographer away from day-to-day concerns to a place of respite and in that place is easier to connect to God. From that the outputs of the process, the images that are made, can be used for reflection, association and perhaps significantly recognizing God or the divine in the world around. Some will argue that is what we recognize in great landscape art.​​​​​​​
In these posts I will reflect on this wide gamut developing my thoughts as I go along.
Thank you for taking time to read this, I hope it proves to be of some value.

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