Coastal Minimalism
This is a new sub genre for me and one that I'm really interested in. However rather than going for images that are very minimal, I'm trying to find a technique that uses a few while retaining a simplicity in the image. Work in progress.
The Deben
This has been one of my projects in 2021, a panel of images from up & down the The Deben river in Suffolk. Tracing the navigable stretch the panel aims to give a feeling of this beautiful place.
Crisp frost and snow reflecting light with unusual colours across empty trees and fields is the stereotype of a winter's day. These are the days that stick out in people's minds. This panel seeks to bring out some to those aspects as taken over the years
This panel focuses on the lines and edges in the urban landscape, sometimes intentional and highlighted, other times hidden or just a backdrop. The urban landscape provides a fascinating opportunity to pick out patterns and contrasts.
Up Close
When looking for landscape compositions there are inevitably times the beauty of smaller patterns really catch the eye. Often flora and fauna I really enjoy challenge of the smaller world.
The Twilight Hour
I have to admit - making bluelight or twilight shots of illuminated buildings has become a bit of an obsession for me like the souvenirs of trips. I seem to collect them. These are a few of the collection, often taken on a small point and shoot with a very small tripod.
Sea and shore
There is a special light at the coast that highlights the landscape in unique ways. These images - not all classic natural landscapes - pick out patterns and contrasts that sometimes we miss.
These older and more general landscapes are ones that you might say are ones that don't have a home elsewhere. They are representative though of the things that catch my eye, and you might notice a few bluebells!
From setting to rising
Sometimes in photography there's a bit of snobbishness about Sunset photographs. However they can be some of the most difficult to take and it is scenes like these that often attract people to photography. So unapologetically here are some of mine...