Woodbridge at Sunrise

Looking forward to organizing next months Member Led Event for the RPS Landscape Group. If the weather is as good as this week it should be great.
The event will give attendees the chance to explore two very different locations on the River Deben. Woodbridge is a small river harbour with its iconic Tide mill; we will meet there in time, hopefully, to catch a misty sunrise across the river at high tide framed by the buildings and boats of the harbour. There are a number of view points for this with the chance of some good reflections if the wind is calm.
After a stop for breakfast in a local coffee shop we will move 12 miles down the river to the mouth of The Deben at Bawdsey Quay to photograph the shingle banks that lead themselves to different styles of landscape photography including long exposure techniques. Transport to Bawdsey is not included and, realistically, needs to be by private car.
The details are on Billetto

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