A few weeks ago Suffolk was doing its very best to avoid any mention of winter. In my relatively limited experience it’s quite good at this, no snow is the norm, some frosts unless of course the 'Beast from The East' gets going – or in fact anything off the North Sea! 
The prospect of warmer winters due to climate change doesn’t really help I see that as making the winters even more grey. This winter of course has been one of the warmest on record in Suffolk but also the wettest and that means something else we don’t have a lot of and that’s rain. Rain of course means moisture in the air and that means mist. For me that’s a pretty good runners up prize because I see mist and fog as a compositional gift. In this case the faint mist in this woodland was coupled with bright sunlight which helped remove the background giving these images a lighter feel to them than normal. 
Definitely an upside this mist!

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